Group project

The students who did this project are called Karitas, Sólveig, Rashidi, Fríðmundur and Sigurborg

Module 3

The first real group project called Module 3 is scheduled in the beginning of October. Here students are working with JavaScript with no libraries allowed (often called Vanilla JavaScript), responsive design for the UI and Design Thinking for the UX. This is all about getting comfortable with the basics of web development.

One of the groups took on the challenge to make an addition to our internal website (io.vefskoli.is), The page offers students to create events that other students might like to attend, like SVEF meetings, conferences and „vísindaferðir.“ 

Verkefni frá nemendum

redesigning an app

Strætó appið

Elsa’s gallery site

Animations and microinteractions

Útskriftarsýning í stafrænni hönnun

Útskriftarsýning í stafrænni hönnun